Why are many top agents choosing to go into business with Keller Williams?  

Where to start?  Commission split and ability to cap so you get bumped to 100%?  Constant training and support?  National conferences to develop you as an agent?  Office culture?    

Mega Agent Expansion provides a powerful value proposition for mega agents outside of Keller Williams who are interested in starting their own expansion empire. Expansion increases profitability, expands the vision for a bigger business and deepens your bench by attracting and retaining great talent.

If you feel like you might’ve out grown your current brokerage, please reach out for a **CONFIDENTIAL** consultation. 

I am always looking for competent motivated people to work with me directly.  If you are interested in joining forces, part of our assessment is a DISC assessment which shows us whether you’d be a good fit for an individual team. Email us directly Careers@Kelly.Properties




If you are considering real estate as a career and want the ability to make 6 figures right out of college, please reach out! I’ve been in real estate since 2010, entered the industry with zero experience whatsoever and have built a career & business out of it.  I’d love to grab a coffee to discuss your goals and how I can help! 

Email us directly Careers@Kelly.Properties!