Renter Forms

Broker Fee Disclosure

Student Leasing Application – Leasing Application to an apartment for full-time students

Non-Student Leasing Application – Leasing application to an apartment

Guarantor / Cosigner Form – This is required when you are a full-time student or do not financially qualify for the apartment

Standard Fixed Term Lease – This is the standard fixed term lease used in the Greater Boston area for rental transactions

Tenant Lead Law Notification – The hazards of lead paint must be disclosed with every rental transaction in the state of Massachusetts

Mold Addendum

Water & Sewer Addendum – Typically in new construction units, this is for units which are individually metered for water & sewer may charge tenants for it

W9 Form – This form is required by banks to open an interest producing escrow security deposit account

Apartment Condition Statement – This needs to be returned to your landlord or property manager within 15 days of moving in. Note things on it such as “dent in fridge” or “scratch on floor”.