Downsizing after 35 years

It was a pleasure to work with JT Kelly from start to finish during the complex, nerve wracking experience of buying my new condo. Throughout the whole process he was very calm, reassuring and knowledgeable. He was available, seemingly, twenty- four hours a day. His response to my e mails or phone calls was almost instantaneous. If he did not know the answer on the spot he delved into the matter and got back to me very quickly. He never made me feel that I was bothering him with my questions or concerns. He was very accommodating when I wanted to make a few extra visits to the condo. JT worked out a timetable for the purchase process which was effective without being pushy, but flexible enough to allow extra time for little delays that arose. I am very happy with my new condo, and grateful to JT for making this major undertaking a very good experience for me.

— Mimsie C