Great Watertown & Newton Service

JT was awesome broker to work with in the Watertown and Newton towns. I was very happy with his service. It was difficult to navigate the home buying process and JT made it easy and effective. We got the house we were looking for at a lower price, we were prepared to offer an ask price but he recommended we go lower and still got the house

— Geng Pengtian, Client

Upgrading From Plymouth Cottage

J.T. has been so incredibly helpful during my selling and buying process. While debating when to put our house on the market J.T. analyzed the best time during the year and we were able to sell our house for over asking price! Having bought and sold in under one year we were in constant communication and he was always there to give us the best possible advice. His commitment to help his clients in any way possible is seen through his referral rating. Thank you J.T.!

— Caitlin D, Friend

Downsizing after 35 years

It was a pleasure to work with JT Kelly from start to finish during the complex, nerve wracking experience of buying my new condo. Throughout the whole process he was very calm, reassuring and knowledgeable. He was available, seemingly, twenty- four hours a day. His response to my e mails or phone calls was almost instantaneous. If he did not know the answer on the spot he delved into the matter and got back to me very quickly. He never made me feel that I was bothering him with my questions or concerns. He was very accommodating when I wanted to make a few extra visits to the condo. JT worked out a timetable for the purchase process which was effective without being pushy, but flexible enough to allow extra time for little delays that arose. I am very happy with my new condo, and grateful to JT for making this major undertaking a very good experience for me.

— Mimsie C

Third Investment Property

It was a pleasure to work with JT. There are not to many opportunities on this market and is good to have someday to find them. The new property I bought was exactly what I was looking for.

— Armando H, Buyer

Repeat Renter

JT has been my real estate agent for 3 years and helped my friends and I find 3 different apartments and they've all been great values. He's very easy to work with and has been very flexible whenever our apartment parameters have changed.

— Steve L, Renter

First Investment Property

J.T. is incredible he made my buying and renting experience very smooth for me and knew exactly what needed to happen. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent a home. Great guy!

— Juan P, Buyer

First time homebuyer

As a first time homebuyer, J.T. was a pleasure to work with. He was consistently friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. His help made a big difference, and truthfully, without J.T. the process probably would not have worked. Throughout the process from beginning to end, J.T. was able to answer any and all of my questions. Whenever we needed another person on the team, he was able to refer me to an equally helpful professional. For instance, the home inspector he referred was extremely thorough and detailed. One major hiccup that J.T. helped fix was our appraisal. Our appraisal came in unreasonably low and the deal started to fall apart. However, J.T. quickly saved the day by using his in-depth experience of the Boston area to write a detailed professional letter that could be used by the bank to set the deal back on track. Above all else, J.T. was friendly and a pleasure to work with. As a new home buyer he helped answer my endless list of questions with knowledgeable answers. He also was extremely accessible to set up viewings, and was responsive at all times of the day. Overall, I would recommend J.T. to anyone, and have been telling my friends and family how perfect he has been. He even followed up with me after the entire process was over to check if everything was alright and if I needed any more help.

— Lucas W, Buyer